How I help you

Divorce advice graphic with silhouette of man standing by confusing signpost indicative of the separation and divorce process
I help people at all stages of the separation and divorce process, offering a safe and confidential place to plan and work through your divorce or separation, either as an individual or as a couple, and whether or not you’re married. I can help you to consider your options and take steps towards being in a better place and feeling more in control.

I help people before, during and after separation and divorce. Every family is different and my help is flexible to suit your situation and budget. I can give you as much or as little help as you want to guide you through the process. I will help you with form filling and letter writing, and advise you if and when you need legal and/or financial advice.

I mostly work with people who don’t have solicitors, usually because they can’t afford one, but sometimes because I have a better understanding of a client’s particular case, especially if their ex has narcissistic tendencies or there is parental alienation. I work with many people leaving abusive relationships or partners with mental health problems.

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Going to court

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