Reducing your divorce costs

I do all I can to keep you out of court, and to keep your legal costs down. One of the most crucial issues to plan is if and when to take legal advice, because involving solicitors too soon can be expensive and divisive.

I’ll guide you through the whole process of separation and divorce in the right order. By ‘right’ I mean most cost-effective and least emotionally damaging.

One of my roles is to help you choose the right legal and/or financial advice at the right time so that you spend the minimum possible on legal fees and maximise the benefit of the time you do need to pay for.

Unfortunately if you’re divorcing a narcissist it’s unlikely you’ll be able to avoid going to court and you you’ll need a completely different strategy to that for a ‘normal’ divorce. I help clients to work out the best way forwards and support them to leave and/or take the necessary steps to protect themselves and their children.

Divorce Consultant Diana Jordan offers advice on separation and divorce

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