Mrs BR – Surrey

McKenzie friends, non-molestation and occupation order

(Names in this divorce story have been changed to protect privacy)

When my husband and I separated I saw a solicitor who gave me an idea of their costs which were very high. I was not working and was concerned about getting money from my husband plus I had no savings left so I was really worried about escalating costs. I felt overwhelmed and lost before I met Diana and we discussed my situation, but she put me at ease and I felt she could help. I liked her approach and read her book and she was also recommended by a couple of my friends.

I found it difficult to talk about the emotional abuse as I felt as if I should have been stronger and seen it: “how could an intelligent woman like me be so stupid!!”.

Diana helped me to realise that I should have a voice and that I am not alone. Also that the court system is just a process, and with the correct guidance I could deal with it mostly myself, and with some support from a McKenzie friend in court.

We did not go to mediation as my husband didn’t want to: he wanted to win!

I felt empowered not using a solicitor and I realised that I didn’t really need one when I saw what my husband’s solicitor did and how rubbish he was!

I made an application for a non-molestation and occupation order, as well as for a financial remedy. My McKenzie friend Graham was great in court and I felt confident talking to the judge: I think they are human like everyone else and I have a right to be heard.

Diana has kept me clam and on the right path when I have been emotional. She is fantastic, such an inspiration; she knows her stuff and is very thorough. I would have given up without her but she helped me feel empowered and in control.


Divorce Consultant Diana Jordan

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