How it works – Affordable legal help

Affordable legal help with divorce or separation begins with a free 20 minute chat to see if I’m the right person to help you and, if not, I can usually suggest someone better suited for your particular circumstances.

Most clients who are able to get to Weybridge like the first appointment to be face-to-face, or we can meet in another mutually convenient place. I work with people all over England and Wales so Skype is an option for those further away. After that most of our work is done by phone and email.

Working with me is simpler, more informal and very much cheaper than working with a solicitor.

The difference is that my clients are litigants in person and have to do everything themselves. I can help them with as much or as little of the paperwork for them as they like, from drafting letters or a divorce petition, to statements for court; but as I no longer have a solicitor’s practising certificate my clients are responsible for signing and sending all their own letters and documents. And if there’s a delay or problem with the court, they have to phone themselves, I’m not allowed to do it for them although I do tell them what to ask for.

Sometimes I just have one meeting with a client, or with a couple, and that gives them all the information or help they need. Some of them come back after a year or three, when they are ready to take things further. Other times I work with clients for two or three years to help them through all their court proceedings.

My affordable legal help service is entirely flexible and gives clients just what they need, and nothing more.

Divorce Consultant Diana Jordan

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