Financial orders

Ultimately, some divorcing couples should have a court order for their financial arrangements (a ‘financial order’) but all too often people rush to a solicitor too soon, spend all their money getting solicitors to fill in forms they could have done themselves, and then have no money left for the crucial legal advice they need at the end.

It’s helpful to have legal advice before and during mediation for financial issues as the mediator won’t give advice, even when they’re a solicitor, and you may find it easier to negotiate when you have a good idea of what you’re entitled to.

Pensions are one area where advice is essential, though sometimes it is better (and cheaper) to get this from a specialist financial advisor. Pensions can be an extremely valuable asset and can be off-set, split or earmarked; you ignore them at your peril.

For more information, please read the page about Financial Proceedings.

Divorce Consultant Diana Jordan giving advice on Child arrangement orders

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