Divorced finished but…

…something else has come up. This creates problems when people can’t afford to go back to their solicitor, or where one party can and the other can’t.

Don’t be panicked into rushing off to get legal advice. Take your time and work out whether it really is a legal issue.

Occasionally, financial orders don’t work out as expected, or something changes which was not anticipated, eg the loss of a job.

If a court order hasn’t been carried out, and you need it to be, you may have to go back to your solicitor.

But if a job’s been lost, your solicitor can’t get it back. Do your best to work things out with your ex as you’re not in a position to pay more fees. If you do need help, mediation will be a cheaper option than a solicitor.

Mostly it is issues relating to children which can rumble on for many years. These arrangements can always be changed, even if you have a court order (you may need to apply to vary it).

Please give me a call: it is so important to make things work as well as possible for children. If you can email some brief details first it will help us make the most of your free 20 minute call.

Divorce Consultant Diana Jordan
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