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“Diana helped me enormously in dealing with a very sensitive and serious legal situation brought upon me by my troubled ex-partner. Her sensitive understanding underpinned by sound legal knowledge was indispensable throughout a difficult time. I could not have faced it as well as I did without her – I came out of it all feeling a great sense of peace, and that is quite something.”

Ms RB, London


“Thank you for all of your help, you have truly touched my life in a positive way – I will always think of “Mumma Bear” – and I want you to know it has all been very much appreciated.”

BA, Sussex


“I can’t thank you enough.  It feels like in 24 hours you have done more for me than all the therapy I received to heal from this drama.”

CK, London


I came across your website because I was looking for help for a close colleague and friend whose husband had upped and left after 35 years of marriage with no warning. She didn’t know where to turn and he seemed to think that he was in control of her future plans even though he had left her. As a divorced person myself I knew that she needed proper help. After I emailed you for your free guide I printed it and showed it to my friend. It provides clear advice for people who are vulnerable and know nothing about divorce. She felt stronger after reading it and knows that you are available to talk to. I wish I had seen the guide before my own divorce, and talked to you too, even though my own circumstances were very different.

Ms MR, Barnes


Thank you for helping me to believe in myself again.

Ms KM, Surrey


I have worked alongside Diana on a number of occasions and have seen first hand her committed, common sense and sensitive approach. People working with Diana’s support have, in my experience, a clearer picture of what they hope to achieve and, as a result are able to give excellent instructions to their lawyers and no doubt save considerable time and money (and reduce their stress levels) as a result. Diana is never afraid to think outside of the box and I was privileged to work with Diana and actually help one couple stay together. I would urge couples thinking about separating to seriously consider how using a divorce coach could benefit them and to contact Diana to talk through their options.
Kathryn McTaggart
Woolley & Co, Solicitors


Diana Jordan offers an effective and affordable service which is backed up by her knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. Her advice is measured and always reflects her obvious care and attention to detail. She can be a good confidence builder for those under pressure. As a litigant in person I found her responses to be prompt and always of good value.

Mr M M-H, Wales


I was initially speechless, then outraged by your suggestions.  BUT …. they have worked and are working. I have appreciated your support and compassion during the really tough spots I’ve been in.  Thank you.

Mrs WA, London


Diana has been helping me for the past year with problems of contact between my daughter and her father.  She has helped me focus on what I wish to happen and has given me invaluable advice on how to get out of my daughter what she would like to happen.  She has good humouredly and sometimes amusingly helped me negotiate my way through a very tricky time.  Supportive and always sharp on the subject of the law I would recommend that the “Divorce Consultant” path be taken by all, it should save you £££££’s and speed the way to new life.

Mrs RK, London


Just one session had a big impact and gave me clarity and confidence.  My friends tend to say what I want to hear, to stop me worrying, but Diana helped me to face what the issues were, look at where the doubts and fears were coming from and then supported me to take the necessary action.

Ms GC, Avon


“Five years after the conclusion of my divorce proceedings I was not having enough contact with my daughter but could not afford further legal fees. Diana helped me to make an application to the court and accompanied me to the hearings. Her guidance through the legal procedure was clear and precise. I also found her empathy, understanding and encouragement added further support in difficult situations.

Highly recommended.”

Mr MY, London

Divorce Consultant Diana Jordan

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