Amicable divorce

Silhouette banner of divorce advisor with couple getting advice to help with an amicable divorce

Although divorce is a terribly difficult time, with feelings often running high, the majority of couples want an amicable divorce and to protect their children from the fall-out to the very best of their ability. There’s absolutely no need to go to court, or to get into a fight.

I do all I can to keep you out of court, and to keep your legal costs down. One of the most crucial issues to plan is when to take legal advice, because involving solicitors too soon can be expensive and divisive.

I’ll guide you through the whole process of separation and divorce in the right order. By ‘right’ I mean most cost-effective and least emotionally damaging.

One of my roles is to help you choose the right legal and/or financial advice at the right time so that you spend the minimum possible on legal fees and maximise the benefit of the time you do need to pay for.

In divorce or separation information is power; it increases your confidence and keeps your expectations realistic. A lot of what you need to get through your divorce is legal information and procedure, rather than legal advice. I make sure my clients understand the significance of the various terms they encounter and guide them through the whole process.

Where possible I like to see both parties together (although sometimes it is appropriate for me to meet one or both separately first) to give them the best chance of continuing to work together for the benefit of the whole family. As soon as one or both go to separate solicitors there is the risk of it becoming divisive as each solicitor strives to get the best ‘deal’ for their own client. Initially what a couple needs is information as to how the divorce is likely to work out for them. I can give that legal information to both parties together for a fraction of the cost of each going to a separate solicitor at that point.

I sit down with couples to guide them through the process of preparing a parenting plan together. And I help them gather their financial information prior to going to mediation.

My book will give you much of the information you need for an amicable divorce in an easy to read format and reading this first will save you a lot of money. You can buy the ‘Dealing with Divorce’ book here.

Divorce Consultant Diana Jordan

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