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Worried about legal fees? I’m a former solicitor offering affordable legal help to:

  • reply to solicitors’ letters
  • navigate a difficult divorce
  • deal with court proceedings
  • leave an abusive relationship

Make a free enquiry or arrange a free 20 minute call to see if I can help you. Email or call 01932 843 434.

Just one session had a big impact and gave me clarity and confidence.

Ms CG, Avon

You have been of invaluable support to me, my voice of common sense.

Mrs BV, Teddington

Thank you for helping me to believe in myself again.

Ms KM, Surrey

Speaking to Diana gave us the space to listen to each other.

Mr and Mrs W, Surrey

Supportive and always sharp on the subject of the law…

Mrs RK, London

Incredibly helpful, straight thinking, kind and understanding.

Mrs WA, London

Solicitors’ letters

They can be scary, but you don’t need to pay a solicitor to reply to a solicitor’s letter you’ve received. First be clear about what’s being asked of you …

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Do I need a solicitor?

Often you don’t, especially if yours is a case about your children. You may need some advice on a financial case but you don’t need a solicitor to do it all for you.

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Litigants in person

I help people to do the paperwork a solicitor does, and find direct access barristers to represent them in court or McKenzie Friends if money is tight.

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Divorcing a narcissist

Understand the extra complications involved in divorcing a narcissist and how to protect yourself and your children from further abuse by your ex… and the courts and Cafcass.

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Parental alienation

If your ex is trying to turn your child against you, fast action is needed to protect your child and your relationship. Here are some of the signs of alienation …

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Former solicitor & member of the Law Society Children Panel, Diana Jordan helps parents leaving controlling & abusive relationships to get the best outcomes in children and financial proceedings.

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Divorce Consultant Diana Jordan

A Better Way of Dealing with Divorce:

A guide for parents who want to keep out of court, and save their money and sanity

A Better Way of Dealing with Divorce Diana Jordan book

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Packed with helpful tips and real-life case studies, this book sets out a cheaper, easier and more amicable way to divorce – without going to court.

“[The book’s] emphasis on putting children first will help a parent minimise the damage to their children, and ultimately themselves, as they navigate the choppy waters of marriage break-up.”

From the foreword by Susannah Walker – Retired Judge of the Central Family Court, London

Find out more about a practical and alternative approach to divorce and

Download a free chapter here

FREE guide – 7 Things You Really Need To Know About Legal Advice


“Clear advice for people who are vulnerable and know nothing about divorce. I wish I had seen [it] before my own divorce.” Ms M.R, London

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“Five years after the conclusion of my divorce proceedings I was not having enough contact with my daughter but could not afford further legal fees. Diana helped me to make an application to the court and accompanied me to the hearings. Her guidance through the legal procedure was clear and precise. I also found her empathy, understanding and encouragement added further support in difficult situations. Highly recommended.”

Mr MY, London

“Thanks to you I got a new solicitor who has done wonders. When you are going through domestic violence/abuse you cannot think straight and you put all your faith in your solicitor – now something I realise is a bad move, but I had no family support and my friends confused me. What I should’ve done was listen to myself.”

Mrs AV, Kent

“I have complete trust in you and highly respect your honesty, interest in my child first, open minded analysis of situations and very human approach. There’s no way a lawyer can replace you, especially as I often struggle to see the right decision. It would be like losing a friend and I would feel very lonely if I couldn’t speak with you anymore!”

GD Walton, Surrey


To arrange a free, confidential, 20 minute chat about how I might be able to help you,
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