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What now?

Image of separation and divorce being confusing and overwhelming with multiple options and differing advice available

I help people before, during and after separation and divorce. Every family is different and my help is flexible to suit your situation and budget.

Going through Separation and Divorce? Are you feeling stuck, confused, overwhelmed, like a fish out of water, anxious, fearful, or even suicidal?

All these feelings are normal for someone going through separation and divorce; what you’re going through is a hugely disruptive and lengthy process, similar in many ways to a bereavement. You may be reacting physically as well as emotionally – the important thing is not to rush off and act impulsively.

I can help you to consider your options and take steps towards being in a better place and feeling more in control. Use the following links for detailed information about the following subjects…

Children during divorce… click here

Ending your relationship… click here

Legal issues with divorce… click here

Solicitors – do’s and don’ts… click here

“Diana Jordan offers an effective and affordable service which is backed up by her knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. Her advice is measured and always reflects her obvious care and attention to detail. She can be a good confidence builder for those under pressure during separation and divorce. As a litigant in person I found her responses to be prompt and always of good value.”

Mr M M-H, Wales

Divorce Consultant Diana Jordan

To arrange a free, confidential, 20 minute chat about how I might be able to help you, please email me or call 01932 843434