Low cost legal help for couples or individuals who want:

  • An amicable divorce
  • The best outcomes for children
  • DIY divorce

Diana Jordan LL.B.

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Guiding you and your family safely around the pitfalls of separation and divorce

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I help people at all stages of the separation and divorce  process, offering a safe and confidential place to plan and work through your divorce or separation, either as an individual or as a couple, and whether or not you’re married.  I work with people who don’t have solicitors, and with those who do.

Minimising your costs

I do all I can to keep you out of court, and to keep your legal costs down. One of the most crucial issues to plan is when to take legal advice, because involving solicitors too soon can be expensive and divisive.

I’ll guide you through the whole process of separation and divorce in the right order. By ‘right’ I mean most cost-effective and least emotionally damaging.

If you want to DIY you’ll get the legal information you need, and help to:

  • Issue your own divorce petition (application) or
  • Reply to a divorce petition you’ve received
  • Make, or respond to, court applications about your children
  • Understand your options for settling your financial arrangements
  • Obtain a financial remedy order
  • Fill in court forms and write statements – so that you can do as much of the process yourself as you choose
  • Find appropriate mediators, financial advisors, solicitors or barristers at the right time
  • Prepare for mediation meetings or court hearings
  • Write or reply to letters from your ex’s solicitor

If you have a solicitor I will:

  • Explain the advice your solicitor’s given
  • Help you establish whether you have the right solicitor
  • Assist you with sacking a solicitor you’re unhappy with
  • Prepare you for mediation, collaborative or CAFCASS meetings
  • Prepare you for court hearings
  • Accompany you to court

And I can also help you with

  • Decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Reducing the impact of the separation on your children
  • Working out what is best for your children
  • Feeling empowered to do the right thing for your children
  • Managing difficult emotions which get in the way of negotiations
  • Communicating with your ex
  • Staying healthy during and after your divorce

And finally…

With over forty years’ experience working with children and families, my colleague, Family Counsellor Gill Cashdan, can help you find the right words to:

  • Encourage your children to ask about what is happening
  • Explain in simple, reassuring words how future changes may affect their lives
  • Reassure them that whatever has gone wrong between their parents, your love for them has not changed

Gill can also see children and young people and

  • Offer them time and space to think about what has changed in their lives
  • Help them find a way to confide their fears in you or in someone else that they trust

Gill uses direct, respectful, confidential conversation as well as books, drawing and play therapy techniques which may free up children to express themselves more openly.

I was thankful to have Gill’s words in my head to be able to reply, and I would definitely recommend her to parents who are splitting up.”